1 Key Fits All

What we do:

  • Marketing/retail distribution of HydroBubbles
  • business services (payment solutions, logos, product design, management)
  • Marketing
  • Website development
  • Business consulting & management

HydroBubbles™ are the core retail product of 1 Key Fits All. These decorative bubbles hit the scene in 2009 and have quickly become one of the most popular ways to water your flowers and plants, while looking great doing so. HydroBubbles™ come in several different colors and are available exclusively at the HydroBubbles™ website, as well as select shows and venues that the 1 Key Fits All team chooses to showcase their HydroBubbles™ line.

HydroBubbles™ are now available at wholesale prices for the right resellers via a variety of different programs. The HydroBubbles™ brand name and the process by which HydroBubbles™ are made, used, and marketed are owed by 1 Key Fits All LLC and are in various stages of formal registration to protect such assets and rights. In order to sell, resell, or market HydroBubbles, you must obtain permission and licensing from 1 Key Fits All LLC. Currently, we have opportunities to make money selling HydroBubbles for approved webmasters by way of our HydroBubbles online affiliate program, which is ideal for the webmaster or web site owner wishing to make money through the use of their website or websites. In addition to the affiliate program for selling HydroBubbles, we also offer a HydroBubbles authorized resller program for select specialty stores & shop owners. Again, a license to carry the HydroBubbles product line is necessary, as is a Tax ID number. Finally, we offer a vendor license for approved vendors and transient vendors to carry, sell, and market HydroBubbles. We are quite selective in who may carry, sell, and/or distribute HydroBubbles and all applications will be carefully screened before issuing a license. Additional information & license applications for store owners and vendors can be obtained at http://www.hydrobubbles.com by way of emailing us.

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