Affiliate Program

Earn 50 cents per tube sold when you become an affiliate for the Hydro Bubbles brand of water beads. Customers click through your affiliate link to our water beads site, when they do and they buy, you will be credited with fifty cents commission for each tube of HydroBubbles they purchase. The average Internet customer purchases a total of four tubes (buy three get one free), so you will make – on average $1.50 per sale you send! We cover the shipping, shipping cost, product cost & inventory as well as the fees involved in effecting transactions, thus this allows you to profit on marketing HydroBubbles without incurring any overhead or keeping any inventory on hand! Click here to begin earning with our affiliate program now!

In addition to the zero overhead, you do not even need to become a paid subscriber to any shopping cart account or retailer account, as there is no fee related to becoming an affiliate for HydroBubbles.

Commissions for the sales you have generated close monthly, with the first day of the calendar month being day one and the final day being the last day of the calendar month. Commissions are paid out on the tenth day of the following month via PayPal. For example, you sign on as an affiliate for us and from the traffic you sent through your affiliate link, you are indirectly responsible for 100 tubes of HydroBubbles being sold in the month of December. The retail sale price of HydroBubbles amounts to $3.99 USD per 5.8-gram tube. We would transfer you a commission of $50 USD to your PayPal account no later than 10 January.

We do reserve the right to screen and/or reject any affiliate with or without cause. However, in the event we do reject or suspend an account, the rejected/suspended account will be compensated for any sales they have generated via their affiliate link up to the time of rejection or suspension. The HydroBubbles brand, logo, and any images associated with HydroBubbles on the website are the property of 1 Key Fits All LLC. The images may be used to market only the HydroBubbles product through the HydroBubbles affiliate program and may not be used in whole or in part to market any non-HydroBubbles brand of water bead. Doing so will be grounds for immediate termination of the affiliate program & will warrant possible legal action as 1 Key Fits All LLC can and will aggressively protect their brand name and product rights. The affiliate commissions are good for online sales only and are paid on tubes sold. Commissions will not be paid for free tubes, such as those in the buy three get one free promotion (3 tubes sold, 1 free gift), thus commissions are paid on three tubes as per affiliate program guidelines.

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