Reseller Opportunities

Our HydroBubbles Wholesale Program is now open. If you own a business and are interested in reselling HydroBubbles, visit our official HydroBubbles Reseller Page.

In order to resell or carry the HydroBubbles™ product line, you must apply to become an approved vendor. As our core product line is HydroBubbles™, we are committed to doing everything in our power to assure that the HydroBubbles™ brand name and product’s best interests and high quality are protected. Thus, not everyone can or will become an approved vendor, as we are quite particular as to who is worthy of carry the HydroBubbles™ product line of water beads.

Types of Merchants that We are Looking For

We will consider certain specialty stores, vendors, and charitable organizations for the rights to carry the HydroBubbles™ product line.

Specialty Stores & Specialty Shops

If your store or shop is not part of a chain or franchise, we may consider you for licensing of the rights to carry HydroBubbles™. Florists, flower shops, and garden centers in addition to small furniture stores, antique shops that specialize in carrying antique vases, interior decorators and wedding or event planners additionally may be suitable canidates to carry or resell HydroBubbles™.


If you participate in craft shows, trade shows, home & garden shows, bridal shows, flower shows, or market via high traffic vendor venues like fairs and festivals, then HydroBubbles™ may be right for you (and you for HydroBubbles™).

Charitable Organizations

If you are a charitable organization or participate in raising money for charitable causes, we may consider reselling opportunities to use HydroBubbles™ in raising money for your organization or cause. A variety of programs custom tailored to your needs can be devised to meet your needs in raising money with HydroBubbles™.

Licensing & Approval

To get the process started, you must be approved by 1 Key Fits All LLC to carry, market, sell, or distribute HydroBubbles. The application process for licensing begins with contacting us via email {shannon -at- }. Be prepared to provide information about your business, which includes the location or locations that you operate out of, type of products you carry, and a telephone number that you can be reached at (and best time/times to call). Someone from 1 Key Fits All will contact you by telephone at a time that is mutually convenient. Store owners should be prepared to discuss in detail the product or products that your point of sale venue(s) carry, the history of your business, and also the way or ways you intend to position and sell our product line. Please keep in mind that the discussion of money, price points, or cost will not take place during the initial telephone conversation.

Vendors and transient vendors should be prepared to discuss the types of locations and events that they plan to sell and distribute HydroBubbles™, keeping in mind that we approve select vendors for specific locations and areas, so as to not get our parters competing with one another or stepping on one another’s toes.

If you are a charitable organization or raise money for a good cause, be prepared to discuss your cause, as well as how you envision using HydroBubbles™ to raise money for charity.

Once the initial telephone screening has been completed, 1 Key Fits All LLC will discuss whether (and how) you are a good fit for the HydroBubbles™ product line. It stands to reason that after the telephone conversation you and your partner or partners will reflect on whether HydroBubbles™ can meet your needs. If and only if all parties involved agree to proceed forward, discussion of licensing will take place. The licensing process may or may not require a licensing fee. We do not offer any cookie cutter programs, so whether a license fee is necessary and how much it may be will vary on a case by case basis, which depends upon several factors such as location, and type of vendor/store you are. While this disclousre may deter some folks from going through the process, we find it important to state the facts up front, so as to not waste our time or anyone else’s time. We are serious about our business and likewise, we expect that those who go through the process are serious as well. The HydroBubbles™ brand is a well known and respected brand of water beads and while 1 Key Fits All on our end, not all locks are going to be unlocked, so to speak. So if you are serious about positioning HydroBubbles™ into your product portfolio, feel free to contact us by email to begin the discussion of doing so.

* We reserve the right to approve or decline anyone at any time at our discretion, with or without cause.

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