How to make money selling Hydro Bubbles Water Beads

Webmasters can join our HydroBubbles affiliate program and make 50 cents per 5.8g tube of HydroBubbles sold. Joining the HydroBubbles affiliate program is completely free and quite easy to do. In order to become a HydroBubbles affiliate, you must have a website. You need not carry any inventory and don’t worry about shipping, as we have it covered. We will ship all the products and handle all the sales. You can become a HydroBubbles affiliate by following the instructions below:

1. Visit our affiliate sign-up page by clicking on the following link:

Become an affiliate of HydroBubbles

2. Once on the affiliate sign-up page, webmasters who have an e-junkie account can simply sign in (using the e-junkie login queue. Those webmasters who do not have an e-junkie account can simply register with e-junkie using the register queue. Both are shown below.

water beads affiliate program

2(a). Those webmasters without an e-junkie account who have signed up to become a Hydro Bubbles affiliate will need to provide and confirm payment information. This means you will need to provide your name, as well as your PayPal address. Our affiliate program pays affiliate webmasters via PayPal, thus we will need your PayPal account name in order to process payments for the sales generating traffic you send. Provide the info requested, including your main website that you intend to use in promotion of HydroBubbles and you will be provided with an affiliate link to begin promoting HydroBubbles.

2(b). Webmasters who are already signed up to e-junkie can simply obtain their affiliate links and begin promoting HydroBubbles.

3. Be sure you have reviewed and comply with the terms and conditions of being a HydroBubbles affiliate. The terms and conditions are listed here: Hydro Bubbles affiliate terms.

4. Feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, issues registering for the affiliate program or for HydroBubbles marketing materials requests. Correspondence of this sort can be directed to shannon – at – waterybubbles -dot- com.

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